ES Collection Dallas is now Addicted Dallas

ES Collection Dallas is excited to re-brand as Addicted Dallas and online at

Addicted is made and created by ES Collection with the same quality as the ES Collection Label. Addicted is a fun, fresh, look at Athletic, Swim, Casual, and Underwear styles for men.

Why the change?

Addicted is a younger take on ES Collection that we have found is selling much better in the USA than the ES Collection Label. Our location at 3926 Cedar Springs Rd, in Dallas, TX, will still carry the ES Collection Label and now fully the Addicted Label. Furthermore, we are the ONLY full line Addicted website shipped and customer serviced from the United States. (

Addicted is designed and made in Barcelona with the same high quality as ES Collection.

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DEU, 10th Swimwear Collection (2006-2016)

ES Collection has the pleasure to introduce you to our 10th swimwear campaign, coinciding with the year that marks the brand’s first decade on the market. DEU means “ten” in Catalan, which is a language spoken together with Spanish in Catalonia.

DEU_ (33)_logo

DEU is much more than just a number. It represents a whole decade of our search for the “perfection for men”.

Research and development of new fabrics as well as shapes and patterns which look to fit the male body perfectly. We aim to provide men with the best comfort and versatility in their day to day wear.

DEU_ (16)_logo

ES Collection introduces you to a totally different line of clothing. The brand is firmly committed to provide men with bold prints and sophisticated collections without forgetting our characteristic garments but renewed basic and athletic models, which are continuously present in each year’s line. Another new thing this season, is the addition of a great number of surfer shorts swimsuits to our collection, which promises those who love sport a trendier option.